It's just how it is.

   Feb 18

Hidding from the winter world outside.

My poor little ones. Nate is well… he’s doing okay but his bowels are still out of balance. Cam is complaining that it hurts when he pees so I think he might have a blader infection. Aly has been running a fever of about 101 all day. I am not sure what is causing the fever but she is feeling and acting off all day. I am not sure if she is just teething or coming down with something. I feel so bad for her she has been so aggitated all day. 

So since Aly was running a fever and it was snowing and icey outside we decided to spend the day hidding inside. We had a pretty good day with the kids. We didn’t really do much but it was nice. We even had a nice afternoon nap. All of the kids went for a lie down at the same time and so I was able to lie down too. We finished up our day with mango chicken salad sandwhiches for supper and an episode of Curious George with the kids.

I was a wonderful quiet day.

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