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   Feb 21

Mmmm….Pancake Tuesday.

Growing up as a kid I some how always found out when Shrove Tuesday was coming and was always excited. Mmmm… pancake Tuesday.

Well somethings never change. So this year for pancake Tuesday I decided to make flavored pancakes. I made some plain as well for Rob. I made Blueberry for Cameron and banana for Nate, Aly and I. I also tried apple pancakes. I based my recipe on an idea I found on pinterest. Basically it is apple cored and sliced into rings and then dipped into pancake batter and cooked. I used Royal Gala apples (because that’s what I had in the house). They were really interesting and the boys liked them but next time I need to use an apple with a stronger flavor.

Oh and Aly LOVED her banana pancake. At firs she didn’t know what to make of it, she just mushed it and looked it over. After the first bite she inhaled nearly an entire pancake on her own.

Apple Pancakes

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