It's just how it is.

   Mar 01

Sign of changes.


This morning Nate was so excited that there was snow again. The whole walk to Cam’s school he was talking about the snow so we played out side for a while but it wasn’t enough time for him, so after Cam came home from school we played out side for a little longer. I swear if he had the choice he would have stayed outside till the sun went down.



While the boys were playing in the snow I noticed something peeking through. Through the snow and dead leaves I could see the tips of something growing. I am not sure what it is but then again I don’t know what most of the plants are in my garden. However I do know what means. Spring is almost here. In just a few shorts weeks the air will start to warm and we will cast off these horrible winter coats and move to a much freer revitalized time. I love spring but even more I LOVE the changing of the seasons.





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