It's just how it is.

   Mar 14

To sooth her or not to soother.

Rob and I decided (mostly I) to give Aly a soother when she was a few months old because she would act like she wanted food and then would just suck and not eat. This was not my idea of fun. But with out something to suck on she would either use her fingers or she would scream. I am not afan of soothers, Cam never had one and Nate only got one when he was in the hospital and wasn’t allowed to eat, it was a comfort to him.

Well tonight Rob decided he wants Aly to stop using a soother (lucky mommy). So I put Aly down for bed. She has been crying for a while now and I am trying to figure out at what point to cave and go in and give her the soother back. Part of me wants to give in so the crying will stop and I can go to sleep. The other part of me wants to wait it out and let her scream it out. I hope she goes to sleep.

Oh wait she’s quiet….maybe…just maybe…. I think sjight be asleep.

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