It's just how it is.

   Mar 22

A wonderful week.

This past week has been great. I haven’t posted much lately. I just haven’t had much to say but I thought that I should say something so I thought I would post a short list of some of the happy moments I have enjoyed this week.

1. 4 days (so far) Cam has been on time for school.
2. Nate’s ear infection is clear and the doctor says Nate is doing great and is healthy.
3. The beautiful sun shine. I can’t leave it off this list it has been a blessing. I love this weather and I wish it were this way year round.
4. Nate has been mellow. For the last few months we have been dealing with a bad case of the troublesome three year old (the terrible twos were a breeze). He has just been a monster. However since the end of March break he has seemed to mellow and has been much nicer to spend the day with.
5. Chick Flick. It is a ladies get together put on by St. Luke’s. This months movie was Waking Ned.
6. Lunch out with a good friend and sister in-law (and my sweet little niece).
7. Watching my little superstar in action. Nate, Aly and myself were invited to sit in on the morning routine in Cam’s class and to see him read a book to the class for show and tell time. He did a great job and afterwards the teacher went on and on a bout how bright he is and how well he is doing. It was so wonderful to see someone else glow about my wonderful little man. Also the entire time we were in the class Nate was on his best behavior and even joined in with the other kids.
8. Watching Aly explore her world and discover new things. She has mastered crawling and is trying hard to learn to walk. She has been trying to cruise the furniture and to balance without help.
9. An unexpected call from a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while. She and her daughter have been in and out of hospital with health problems but yesterday she called to say hi and to let me know that everyone is home. Always a blessing when things start to settle and get better.
10. The joy of looking forward to spending Friday with family enjoying homemade sushi. I am so excited about tomorrow.

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