It's just how it is.

   May 03

One lucky boy.

A Cameron Story.

This morning Cameron didn’t want to pack his snacks for school. So he was told if he didn’t pack them then he would miss out. He held to his word and didn’t pack anything so all he had was a sandwich and a drink. When he was dropped off at school Daddy told the teacher about the snack “situation” as Cameron later called it. Cameron was very unhappy that Daddy had told the teacher. So come first snack the teachers assistant in the class knowingly sent Cam to have snack he looked at her and said “but I didn’t bring one”. “Well, that was bad planning” the teacher told him. Then lunch came and he ate his sandwich but was very sad when there was no more food. Then at afternoon snack there was a surprise. It was the birthday of one of the kids in his class and the boy had brought cupcakes for everyone. When Cameron was handed his cupcake he said to the teacher “Boy it’s my lucky day. I was hungry.” and very quickly devoured his cupcake.

Hopefully he has learned his lesson and will pack his snacks tomorrow.

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