It's just how it is.

   May 12

The insanity that is me.

Lately I have been doing a lot of things that make no sense, even to me. Here are a few of the recent ones.

While making a pineapple daiquiri instead of pouring the vodka in the mixer I dumped it in to a dirty pot that was left on the stove from dinner. (I hadn’t drank anything yet.)

When making cake icing I doubled one ingredient in the recipe (this wasn’t the same night as above comment).

I was talking on my cell phone to someone while getting ready to go out. When I was almost ready to go I started looking for my phone. I got frustrated and huffed. I was asked by the friend what was wrong so I told her “I can’t find my pho…oh never mind.”

Another time I loaded up the van and started it. Then I went back in to the house to get my keys to lock the house. After about 5 minutes I realized they were in the van. So I went to the van and left forgetting to lock the house.

I swear I am loosing my mind.

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