It's just how it is.

   May 18

Thank you. # 213

I am thankful for the simple pleasure that can be received by a hike through the woods. Surrounded by trees and flowers and the occasional animal. It is so beautiful and is able to mkl at least for a moment take away the stresses of daily life.


   May 18

Thank you. # 212

I am thankful for the play group at our school. It is so wonderful to be able to spend time at the boys school, see them in there day and to have Aly able to participate in the school to help preparer her for the day when she will go there.

   May 18

Thank you. # 211

I am thankful for the love that the kids and Rob put into mothers day gifts for me. I will treasure them always.

Mothers day gifts

   May 17

Thank you. # 210

I am thankful for time spent with chosen family.


   May 17

Thank you. # 209

I am thankful for a wonderful father in-law who loves his grandchildren with all his heart.


Home Depot Mothers Day

   May 17

Thank you. # 208

I am thankful for routine. You don’t realize how accustomed to routine you are until it is broken and I am happy to be returning to our routine after having it disturbed for almost a week.

   May 17

Thank you. # 207

I am thankful for Cam’s teacher who has gone far above and beyond the job of a teacher and for that I will always be more thankful than I know how to express.

   May 17

Thank you. # 206

I am thankful for our new bus driver. We recently got a new bus driver on the boys bus, I am not sure why but I am thankful we did. The new driver is so good with the boys. They listen to her so much better then the last driver and it has removed a lot of the tension and stress around the bus ride to and from school.

   May 17

Thank you. # 205

I am thankful for the smell after the rain. It is a wonderful smell that always makes me feel at peace.

   May 17

Thank you. # 204

I am thankful for the flowers brought by the return of spring and the beautiful dandelion bouquets I receive from my loving little monkey children.