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   May 01

Thank you. #193

Being back posted for Saturday April 25.

I am thankful for a day home. I decided to have a nice relaxing “pyjama” day. It was so wonderful just taking the day easy and not having any where to go. Sometimes in life you just need to do nothing.

   May 01

Thank you. #192

Being back posted for Friday April 24.


I am thankful for time spent watching Aly try to teach a younger child how to ride a tricycle. It was so cute and she was so sweet trying. The other child didn’t understand but I love that she tried.

   Apr 30

Thank you. # 191

For Thursday April 23.

Today I attended a cooking class. I spent most of the class visiting with other moms and having a good laugh.

   Apr 25

Thank you. # 190

For Wednesday April 22.

Today I am thankful for 1.5 hours to myself. Aly was at preschool, the boys were at school and I was home and did nothing.  It was wonderful. I had a nap and just relaxed. Sometimes a silent home is a blessing.

   Apr 21

Thank you. # 189

I am thankful for a days end. I am so tired today and it was such a busy day. Not a bad day by any means but a busy one. I am so glad to have made it through the whole day and to have accomplished everything I needed to. Mostly I am thankful to now be at the point in the day where there is nothing more to do but sleep. So with that said, goodnight all.

   Apr 21

Thank you. # 188

I am thankful for time spent reconnecting with old friends. Tonight a friend of mine and Rob’s who we haven’t seen for a while quite a while came for supper. It was so nice just catching up and talking about “the good old days” (yes I am getting old enough to have good old days *sigh*). I thankful for the time we spent and look forward to more time spent visiting and making new memories to look back on.

   Apr 21

Thank you. #187

I am thankful for people who give of themselves for the joy of complete strangers. Today at the Ontario Science Center we met some people who run the amature radio booth. At the booth there was a lady who took a LOT of time to explain to the boys about ham radio and morse code. Cameron loved it and the women was so polite and patient with him and allowed him to try sending a message using morse code. He had so much fun and I am so thankful for people who donate their time for the joy of people they don’t even know. Thank you.

   Apr 18

Thank you. # 186

I am so thankful for the time I spent today watching my kids riding their bikes around in circles at the end of our street. Normally when we got out bikes in the past Cam didn’t want to participate and would quit early on. Today he did amazing, they all did. They all started getting the hang of it and were able to ride up the little hill and turn around. Cam was so proud the first time he made it up the hill. I was thrilled and thankful for the time spent making memories.


Bike riding

   Apr 18

Thank you. # 185

I am thankful to be able to be home and to attend my childrens school functions, it is a gift many parents don’t get. Yesterday (Friday) Nate’s class sang a song at the school assembly. To be honest I couldn’t hear any of it and even if I could it was in French so I wouldn’t have understood it. What I did understand though was the smile and the excitement on Nate’s face to have his family there (yes Daddy made it too) to watch his class perform. He was so happy and I am so thankful to have been there.

   Apr 18

Thank you. # 184

I am thankful for the smile a weed can bring to a childs face. On Thursday morning on the way to catch the bus Cam noticed the little purple flowers that grow on or lawn in the spring. I think they’re weeds but that doesn’t matter. To him the are wonderful flowers that he can share with all the people he cares about. I love to see something that most people don’t like or even try to destroy bringing him so much joy and him seeing the beauty it can hold.