It's just how it is.

   Apr 15

Thank you. #183 (Halfway)

It is official, I have know made it half way through the year. I have had a lot of late days but I haven’t missed any. I have to say I am shocked this is a lot harder than I had expected it to be. I thought that writing daily about 1 thing that I was thankful for would be easy and at the beginning it was but I didn’t want to be constantly repeating myself so I have tried to at least attempt to come up with some original ideas.

Today I am thankful for the beautiful walk I got to go for. It was a path that I have walked at least a hundred times before and I plan to walk at least a hundred times more but today it seemed extra beautiful after a long cold winter hidden away. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the air smelled of spring and new life. I am thankful for the beautiful scenery and the chance to get out and enjoy it.

   Apr 15

Thank you. # 182

Yesterday Aly had her first eye doctors appointment and I was dreading it. She is often a very silly girl who squirms and bounces and touches things and can just generally be a nuisance (she’s 3). She can also be a HUGE attitude, if she decide she is mad she can let go a storm of emotion that doesn’t seem possible from that tiny little body. Soooo…. I wasn’t sure how well this would go over.



I am thankful to say it went GREAT. She loved it. She was so calm and so happy to answer all of the doctors questions and to show off how smart she is. I am so thankful that it went over well, I am also thankful that her vision is good and that she doesn’t need glasses.



   Apr 13

Thank you. # 181

Tonight I am thankful for a life well lived. For a life shared and spent long others. For a life that served good the best way it knew how.

Tonight I learned of the passing of a wonderful woman. An amazing mother. I wasn’t close to her but I find myself deeply saddend by the loss. I pray for her family and friends left behind.

I am thankful for every moment of joy she brought to those around her and although her time was to short I am thankful for the mark she has made in this world and in the hearts of those her blessed to know her.

Please know you are and always will be loved.♡♡♡

   Apr 12

Thank you. # 180

I am thankful for the return of warm. Today the whole family spent the day in the backyard doing some spring cleaning. It was a lot of work but it was a gorgeous day for it. I am thankful for the fresh air and sunshine.

   Apr 12

Thank you. # 179

I am thankful for time spent celebrating with friends.


   Apr 12

Thank you. # 178

I am thankful to have the chance to enjoy a great meal with people I love.


   Apr 08

Thank you. # 177

I sit here wide awake at almost midnight. I am replaying the day in my head. A day that WAS only one day. It feels so long. It feels like so much happen and yet so little. The day was filled with the normal things, getting the boys to school, getting Aly to preschool, cleaning, making meals, picking up the kids from school.  It was also filled with extras, not one but two specialist meetings, banking, extra school work sent home and finally one precious moment. A moment that to most may seem small. Breakfast with a group of adults 8 of us in total. 4 of them complete strangers I’d never met before, 2 I have met but don’t really know and one I would like to call a new friend. Today her and her husband blessed me more then I think they know. A week ago I messaged this friend and asked if she would like to get a coffee for some adult chat while i had kid free moment while Aly was at preschool? She declined as she was busy, no problem, life is busy. However she suggested instead getting together today as a group. The idea sound great and I thought nothing else of it until this morning. This morning I awoke, exhausted and dreading the endless list of things ahead and then I remembered the breakfast get together. How was I going to do it all? But I couldn’t cancel. I went feeling like I was wasting time stealing time, time that was needed else ware.  I went not knowing it was exactly the opposite. That stolen hour was a gift, it re fueled me and gave me the strength to face all the tasks I had ahead and to enjoy doing them (except maybe the dishes 😉 ).

I am so thankful for the gift of time that I was given. Thank you for sharing your time with me. I received the gift of that hour tenfold and for that I can not thank you enough.

   Apr 07

Thank you. # 176

I am thankful for those moments when you are in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time. Today I had one of those days where everything just fell into place.

   Apr 07

Thank you. # 175

For Monday April 6.

I am thankful for a wonderful day home with my kids. Just relaxing and watching them enjoy being kids.

   Apr 05

Thank you. #174

I am thankful for the gift of the holidays. The gift of time with family, with loved ones. The time to spend teaching our kids the gifts they have received through God. The time spent reflecting.

I am also thankful for the food. 🙂 I can’t forget the food, I love holiday meals. 🙂