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   Aug 28

Update on well….everyone.

Nate is doing well after passing the plum pit 2 weeks ago. Things seem to be evening out but he is a little backed up but we are giving his boy time to try to deal with it but may be upping the laxatives again soon. All in all though he is doing well and crazy active. He starts preschool in 3 weeks and I can’t wait 2 precious hours a week to have time without him. His teachers already know all about his issues and is fine with them and ready to deal with all that is Nate. (She was Cam’s teacher last year so we talked about Nate’s problems.)

Aly has been on reflux meds for a few weeks now and they are working well. It hasn’t gotten rid of all the discomfort and puking but has made it bearable for both of us. Oh and she sleeps through the night now. Yeah. On the other side of things I know it is normal for BF babies to only go 1 a week even as little as 1 every 10 days but…. She goes 9 days and then starts projectile vomiting and then finally poops and the vomiting stops. When she poops it is normal looking but the is a crazy amount and it burst out of the diaper in every direction. I KNOW this can be normal but after Nate it is wearing on my nerves. I wish I could take a vacation from poop for just one day. Just step away and shut my mind off. I just keep worrying that something is going to happen. But I guess if I didn’t worry I wouldn’t be me. 🙂

And finally Cam is great.I feel bad sometimes. He is my healthy one and I sometimes almost forget about him. We were having real troubles toilette training him and then when Aly was born he decided to do it him self. I am so proud. Almost over night he was day and night trained.He is such a big boy, it goes by so fast. He is my oldest and will be starting school this year.

Oh and I have a brand new baby Niece. Yeah. She is almost 3 weeks old. A little BFF for Aly.

Aly age 8 weeks. Mia age 1 day.

BFF's to be. 🙂

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