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   Feb 29

Happy Leap Day!

One year ago Nate played with food coloring and well….   …This is the mess I found. So this year I thought it should be my turn to play with some. Although I didn’t make AS Big a mess.Today at Cam’s school it was anti-bullying day and kids were asked to wear pink to show […]

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   Feb 28

Battle of the Brothers!

Earlier this afternoon the boys were sent to their room for misbehaving. They were suppose to have quiet reading time on their individual beds, but for some reason Nate decided he would go over to Cam’s bed and steal his blankets off of it while Cam was under them. Of course this made Cam REALLY […]

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   Feb 27

Forward >>

Just a little video I wanted to share of Aly crawling forward with her belly off of the floor. This is the farthest I’ve seen her go yet. She may be slow but she does it. She is trying so hard to crawl and to keep up with her big brothers.

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   Feb 26

A weekend out.


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   Feb 23


I have been thinking a lot about fear today. I started thinking about it because last night Cam woke up crying because he had had a bad dream. He told we that when he was sleeping a shadow came in his window and went across his wall. He told me this while trying to calm […]

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   Feb 22

She’s on the move.

It wasn’t much but it’s a start. For a few weeks now Aly has been able to crawl backwards and to turn in circles but she hasn’t been able to go forward. Today however she cracked that barrier. It was very uncoordinated and slow going but she went forward. It is the start of her […]

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   Feb 21

Mmmm….Pancake Tuesday.

Growing up as a kid I some how always found out when Shrove Tuesday was coming and was always excited. Mmmm… pancake Tuesday. Well somethings never change. So this year for pancake Tuesday I decided to make flavored pancakes. I made some plain as well for Rob. I made Blueberry for Cameron and banana for […]

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   Feb 20

My angel’s prayers.

I know some of you have already seen this video. Rob stole it from me and posted it on his blog. But I took the video so I still wanted to post it. This is Aly age 8 months 4 days. Aly is learning how to say her prayers all by herself.  

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   Feb 19

Share the love.


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   Feb 18

Hidding from the winter world outside.

My poor little ones. Nate is well… he’s doing okay but his bowels are still out of balance. Cam is complaining that it hurts when he pees so I think he might have a blader infection. Aly has been running a fever of about 101 all day. I am not sure what is causing the fever but she […]

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