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   Jun 26

♫♪♫ To the dump, to the dump, to the dump, dump, dump. ♫♪♫

We are going to be doing some renovations around the house but before we can we have a LOT of stuff that has been gathering that needs to be thrown out. So we decided to get one of those bins delivered and let someone else haul away our garbage for us. Nate had so much […]

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   Jun 22

Chew on this.

Woo Hoo. Today Aly cut her first tooth. At age 1year 6days. So that means she got them after Cameron age 9 months but A LOT earlier then Nate who didn’t get his until age 23 months. I am so excited and so sad to see her growing up. I want to hold on to […]

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   Jun 17

Aly’s Birthday Bash.

Yesterday was my baby girls first birthday. I don`t know where the years are dissapering to. Today we had a party to celbrate. It wasn`t a large party just some close family and some chosen family. But we had a good time (although threat of rain forced the festivities indoors). The food was themed `Baby […]

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