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   Jan 11

Enjoying the Silver Lining.



So on Wednesday the boys were of school sick. That evening I received a phone call to inform me that the Teachers would be out for a protest and so all school was canceled for the day. For me this was no big deal. So the boys and I made plans with Auntie Chantelle and their cousins and a friend, Jen and her 2 kids.

Then this morning I was greeted by a text on my asking if we wanted to make new plans seeing as the boys were going to school.

What? What is she talking about? There’s no school. I quickly jumped on-line and went to the Durham District School Boards website to find this:

IMPORTANT: All DDSB Elementary Schools Open for regular classes and buses running January 11, 2013
January 11, 2013 @ 5:45 am

All Durham District School Board Schools will be open for regular classes today, Friday January 11, 2013. School buses will be running.

The Ontario Labour Relations Board ruled earlier this morning that the public elementary teachers’ protest is unlawful and ETFO has cancelled its planned one-day protest.

We thank families for their continued patience.















So at 8am with only 30 minutes to dress eat and get out of the house we all started rushing around trying to get ready. I wondered more then a few times if this was the best decision. I mean we could just stop and spend the day home regardless or we could slow down and just be late, but if your going to do something do it. So we rushed around and got ready and made it to school just as the bell rang. The boys weren’t happy to be going to school but they were good about it.

We got to class to discover that in Cameron’s class he was the second student to arrive. Nate’s class was worse. Nate was the ONLY student in class. I waited for a few minutes and talked to the teacher about how things were (this was a rare chance to talk to her with out 30 other “things” distracting her.  🙂 I left about 25 minutes in to the school day and still no one else had arrived. I left wondering how the day would be but decided that they would make the best of it.

About 6 hours later I returned to collect the boys from school and was surprised at what I found. I was greated by two of the happiest kids. They LOVED the small class size. Through out the day Cam’s class grew to a total of 4 kids and Nate’s class stayed just him until lunch time and then he was joined by 2 others for a total of 3 kids. The entire walk home was non-stop talk about all of the great things they got to do because there was only a few kids.

It is almost sad to think that Monday their classes will return to the normal 30 kids per class.

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