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   Feb 02

Family, friends, fun and faith.

Last Friday Cameron had a P.D. day so¬† I took the kids to the Ontario Early Years Center for literacy day and we were chosen to be featured in an online blog called Oshawa Downtown News. The kids had a great time at literacy day singing songs, having story time and at the puppet show with Beatrice mouse. Even Aly enjoyed the puppet show. She seemed mezmerized by the mouse. Cameron’s favorite part of the day was painting with alphabet stamps. Nate enjoyed running around in the gym ridding bikes.

At the Ontario Early Years Center.

At the end of the morning we were the last family to leave. On our way out Nate saw a man setting up carpets on the gym floor and asked him what he was doing. The man explained that he was setting up for prayer. The mosque across the road from the play center rents the gym on Friday afternoons while their temple is under construction.Nate and the gentleman had a very serious (for a 3 year old) conversation about prayer. The man told Nate that they sit on the carpets when they pray and Nate explained that he sits in a seat. Nate told the man that he is learning to pray and still needs help but that it’s okay because he’s still little. It was very sweet to listen to them having a conversation about there beliefs and for the man to be so open and patient with a 3 year old. It was so wonderful to see.


P.S. There was no blog yesterday because I just needed a break but I will continue to try to blog on a regular basis.

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