It's just how it is.

   Feb 08

Stressing about tomorrow.

I should be in bed. In fact I really should be sleeping, but I just can’t seem to make myself go up to bed. I am more stressed by tomorrow then I thought I was. I am worried that my fears will be confirmed and that they will schedual surgery for my baby girl. I know this is a common problem and that a lot of children have had this surgery before, but I am not finding that at all comforting. This is MY baby girl and it is scaring and worrying me just thinking about it. I know there is nothing to worry about yet and that worrying doesn’t change anything. That however doesn’t change the fact that the irrational part of my brain has taken over and I am worrying any way. I need all the prayers we can get that no matter what the out come of tomorrows appointment is that Aly comes through it okay and that I have the strength and the patients I will need to get through this.

I feel like a basket case right now as I am sure any mother would when fearing for the health and well being of one of her babies.

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