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   Feb 28

Battle of the Brothers!

Earlier this afternoon the boys were sent to their room for misbehaving. They were suppose to have quiet reading time on their individual beds, but for some reason Nate decided he would go over to Cam’s bed and steal his blankets off of it while Cam was under them. Of course this made Cam REALLY mad and a fight ensued. At least this is the story the boys told me after. I joined the event when I heard Nate screaming in pain for his brother to stop. I went up stairs to find Cam pinning Nate to the bed with his full body weight with Nate scream “No Cam, Stop!”. I broke up the fight to find out that Cam had bitten Nate (which he lied about when I asked him but there were teeth marks to prove it) and he had scratched up Nate’s face. The poor kid looks like he was in a cat fight.

Nate's battle scars.


This is a picture Rob took of Nate a few  hours after the fight and posted to his blog. (I stole it from his blog.) You can see some of the scratches. The boys have always rough housed but I hate that they are becoming this violent with each other. I know boys will be boys but this I can not and will not accept. Cameron has become more aggressive since starting school and I must find away to put an end to it. I am just not sure how to do it. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Oh. P.S. Nate’s okay. I think it looks worse then it feels. And he did get off scot free Cam got in trouble for hurting him but he also got in trouble for being up on Cam’s bed pulling it apart.

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