It's just how it is.

   May 01

Getting Back In The Saddle.

Okay. My time for excuses must end. For the last month+ I have been making excuses and avoiding blogging. I have decided to stop it and get back to blogging, it is good for the mind and the soul to share what is locked inside even (or especially) when it is difficult or painful. So much has been going on. Nate has been sick twice and nearly been taken to hospital. Cam was class superstar (an award given to a child for outstanding behavior). Aly walked with out human help (she used a walker toy). My great uncle passed away at the age of 87. A 9month old passed away from Hirschprungs related health issues (he was the son of a women who was on a baby board I am on). Not one but 2 close friends were in car accidents. Mom was told she has a problem with her foot that may require surgery. The list goes on.

All in all not the worst month of my life (that was May of 2009 when Nate was ill). But it was definitely not one I ever want to repeat.

So here I am taking another try at it and as they say getting back in the saddle. To share my thoughts, my joys and my pain. To start it of I will share a short clip of Aly walking with the walker toy as I nervously try to protect her from falling while trying to let her go it on her own.

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