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   Feb 17

My P.D. day.

What a great P.D. day. The boys didn’t want to go any where today so we just stayed home and played all day and watched movies. It was a nice break from the normally hectic weekdays. Hope everyone else had a good day too.

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   Feb 16

I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked.

Today after I picked Cam up from school I took the kids and went to do some grocery shopping. When we arrived I parked and let the boys out of the van and sent them on to the sidewalk to wait while I got Aly out. As I came around the van with Aly I […]

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   Feb 15

Sleepy heads.

For about the last two weeks Nate has been sleeping more then normal. Yesterday Nate had a 3+ hour nap and then he had a second nap for another hour. Cam has also been more tired then usual. Yesterday he got home from school and took a two and a half hour nap. Then today […]

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   Feb 14

I am a t.v. junkie!

Tonight I stayed up way to late putting together Valentines Day cards for Cameron to take to school tomorrow. It’s my own fault for leaving it to the last minute. As I was working I had a t.v. show on (through Netflix) to keep me company. I told myself that as soon as I was […]

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   Feb 12

Family fun.

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   Feb 11

Am I hearing an echo?

Lately I’ve been hearing echos. Like Tuesday Cameron came home from school quoting I am sexy and I know it by LMFAO. I was stunned he said that a girl at his school had taught him the words. I asked him what it meant and he said it was a song about sexy. We had […]

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   Feb 10

The end of a long week.

Well I survived the week. I knew I would but it went a lot better then I had expected. Cam made it to school on time (most days). Nate got to 2 of 3 preschool days (he was sick for one). Aly is going to be okay and doesn’t need surgery (that one was keeping […]

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   Feb 09

Good news.

We took Aly to her appointment today with the Neurosurgeon at Sick Kids. I am a little confused of the details but the final word was that he isn’t concerned that they abnormal shape of her head is causing any damage to her brain. He said that it is solely cosmetic and not a worry. […]

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   Feb 08

Stressing about tomorrow.

I should be in bed. In fact I really should be sleeping, but I just can’t seem to make myself go up to bed. I am more stressed by tomorrow then I thought I was. I am worried that my fears will be confirmed and that they will schedual surgery for my baby girl. I […]

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   Feb 07

Seeing in a new light.

I am in a bible study group that meets once a week. We are studying Daniel and it has been (and I am sure will continue to be) a real eye opener. I had never really considered the “real” version of the bible stories I grew up with. During the study by Beth Moore an […]

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