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   Mar 16


How is it that the same two kids that were so well behaved yesterday could be such monsters today. Cameron wasn’t to bad but Nate was a monster. It’s like a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.

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   Mar 03

Sushi for 2.

Tonight I surprised Rob with dinner out just the two of us as belated anniversary present. Auntie Chantel¬† baby sat the kids so we could go out and have a nice night out. It was so nice. We went for Sushi at Go Believe Sushi. It was so weird being out with NONE of the […]

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   Feb 29

Happy Leap Day!

One year ago Nate played with food coloring and well….   …This is the mess I found. So this year I thought it should be my turn to play with some. Although I didn’t make AS Big a mess.Today at Cam’s school it was anti-bullying day and kids were asked to wear pink to show […]

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   Feb 02

Family, friends, fun and faith.

Last Friday Cameron had a P.D. day so¬† I took the kids to the Ontario Early Years Center for literacy day and we were chosen to be featured in an online blog called Oshawa Downtown News. The kids had a great time at literacy day singing songs, having story time and at the puppet show […]

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   Jan 26

A suggested beginning.

I sit here again tonight stuck for a topic and motivation to write and my blog-buddy has over the past month made one suggestion at least three times and I have pushed it off and left it. Why I am not not completely sure but at least in part because I didn’t have the energy […]

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   Jan 01

In the begining…..

Another year has ended. As we begin into 2012. I am looking ahead a day, a week, a month, a year. I don’t like resolutions. I feel they are setting yourself up for failure and if you manage to succeed (well good) but did it really need to be a resolution? Granted the beginning of […]

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   Dec 17

Cleaning, crashing and kibitzing.

I was a VERY long day but the short of it. Cleaned thee kitchen. Had pizza with friends. Rob was in a small car accident, he’s okay but the car is pretty bad (it wasn’t his fault). But the night ended well with hang out with friends and playing games. I will update more tomorrow. […]

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   Dec 14

Thank you! I will treasure your kindness.

Below is a copy of all of the birthday wishes I had posted on my Facebook wall today (well some were last night). I have copied them here so that I have a record of them and am able to look back and feel the love I felt today. A lot of these people I […]

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   Dec 04

Yay for cookies!!!

Today I held what might just be the first annual Royal Cookie Swap. I had a crappy time preparing for it because there was a lot that had to get done and had been left till the last minute. But when it started it was great. There were 8 of us and we also did […]

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   Nov 19

The world outside.

There is a weird thing that happens when I am sick for a long period (or in this case my son is). I don’t venture outside. Not to say I don’t go to my mail box, I do. But I don’t leave the property on which my house sits. I don’t go to the store. […]

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